Rediscover Peterhead BID is a business organisation with the ambition to improve the town centre economic environment. We believe a Business Improvement District (BID) will help the management and regeneration of Peterhead Town Centre. All businesses and stakeholders in the BID area will benefit from extra services and all will contribute to the cost of the projects; which will be controlled on a local level to make the BID area more vibrant and viable for doing business.

Over the last 9 months Rediscover Peterhead BID has talked to a range of businesses and service providers in Peterhead. Our aim is to develop a strategy and a working partnership that will create a better, safer, and more attractive environment to shop and do business in.

Rediscover Peterhead will develop a business plan based on the needs and concerns of those doing business within the BID Area. The businesses within that area will have the opportunity to vote on whether they support the plan. A positive vote will usher a new business era into Peterhead Town Centre, bringing additional investment, support, and a clear action plan to implement the changes required for regeneration. With this in place we believe we will attract more businesses to Peterhead Town Centre and create more jobs. With improvements, clearly visible we believe there will greater civic pride and the BID will be a catalyst for more investment and improvements, which will provide a legacy for future generations.

Peterhead will not only be the biggest town in Aberdeenshire but the biggest and the best.


For more information please contact the project coordinator.
Iain Sutherland
+44 (0)7491 899 459
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