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If you would like to be a board member, nominate someone, or simply get involved in any projects, we'd love to hear from you! Please send all enquiries to


John P.jpg

John Pascoe

Chair / voluntary contributor

Occupation: I earn a living as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in private practice of some 35 year standing. I work as a sole practitioner in the construction industry primarily on projects in the North East.

Reason for joining the board

I wanted to support my local town and help make it the best it can be and felt I had sufficient attributes to add to the dynamic of the board.

My vision for the town

My vision would be to create some sense of pride for Peterhead and make it a place we would all like to spend time in.

What Rediscover Peterhead means to me

Rediscover Peterhead is important to me as I feel it is a vehicle for organising events, initiatives and project with funding and run by business people who have an interest in Peterhead. There are no other organisations that could carry out all of that.

Jean G.jpg

Jean Gardiner


Occupation: Premises Owner

Reason for joining the board

I joined the board as I continually found myself moaning that things were not improving in the Town Centre.
I saw the bid as a great vehicle to address and work towards bringing improvement to the area. Due to the fact that I don’t run a business in the town, I was nominated to the board.

My vision for the town

I see a vibrant, busy town centre with lots of niche shops, cafes and eateries. It is important that it is welcoming, clean and thriving. A town that people can be proud of and keen to volunteer their time to enhance the experience for all coming into the centre.

What Rediscover Peterhead means to me

Rediscover Peterhead is important to me because I see, and have experienced, the huge benefits that the organisation brings to the town. What has been achieved so far in my opinion is only the start of the potential to generate and leverage funding. Joined up working with the council and councillors has convinced me that it’s imperative to push on and build on the successes so far achieved. The organisation is a strong voice for local businesses and can continue to support, encourage and strengthen their market share.


Mike Fearn

Board Member

Occupation: Bluefield Geoservices (full time), Brew Toon Microbrewery (Volunteer), RNLI Lifeboat crew (Volunteer) 

Reason for joining the board

Growing up a child in the early 80s in Peterhead, I remember the town centre always being a hive of activity and a good buzz around the town. I am proud of my town & want to see it thrive, proposer and have a local community / support feel back to it. 

My vision for the town

It's to bring back a high pride in the local community from market days, to local businesses all supporting each other and visitors coming into the town enjoying their visit from the museum to coffee shops to everyone doing the trails.

What Rediscover Peterhead means to me

This gives me the opportunity to have my say, listen to the public and shape the community / town centre to something everyone can be proud of and give back to the community.


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