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A Weekend in Peterhead: DAY 1

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Join Megan Beaudry @megbeaudry as she rediscovered what Peterhead has to offer. In this blog Megan will take you through her trip to Peterhead where she explored the town, whilst also enjoying some local cuisine.


Are you looking for an Aberdeenshire escape? I spent 48 hours rediscovering what Peterhead has to offer, and after a weekend of “Blootoon” hospitality, I’m ready to rave about my experience.


Day 1 was kicked off with getting our caffeine fix from Symposium. I opted for a delicious takeaway white chocolate mocha before heading to the Producer’s Market in the town centre.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a morning than slowly making my way through all the Scottish

producers’ stalls and admiring their products. I spent the good part of two hours learning about

their stories- where they came from, and their plans for the future. My personal highlights of the

market included trying an unforgettable buttery from The Gladstone Bakery Co. and getting a show

and tell from Peterhead Fish Company of all their fresh fayre.

You know it’s a good market when producers come from all over the country to take part. In

addition to supporting Peterhead businesses, we couldn’t resist picking up some fudge from

Aviemore’s Kilted Fudge Company, as well as some sloe gin from Perthshire’s Highland Boundary.

Supporting our local businesses is more important now than ever, and after being stuck at home

for so long last year, it feels like such a privilege to be out and about at markets again. You simply

cannot duplicate this experience online - so to make sure your visit to Peterhead coincides with the

next market, mark your calendar for the first Saturday of each month! I will definitely be back.

All those market tasters were bound to whet my appetite, so we headed for The Smokesman Deli

to experience a quick and delicious lunch. I had my eye on their signature Pazzo Pork sandwich

and frozen lemonade all week - so you can imagine my excitement once midday rolled around.

Filled with smokey pulled pork, gouda and crispy onions, I didn’t leave a single crumb behind! Next time I’m going to try one one of their crolls (a croissant style roll with the filling of your choice… yum!).


Did you know that Scotland’s first axe throwing range is at Wheelie World in Peterhead? I was so

excited to see this on my itinerary as I had been itching to give it a go. We were given a quick

lesson, and then had 30 minutes to master our new craft. I’m warning you, it’s harder than it looks -

but is a great activity to get the competitive juices flowing and learn something new. Available to

those who are 13+ years old to try, this is a great idea for a hen/stag, date night, or perhaps a new family activity that is sure to give everyone a laugh. *Challenge: by the end, I got 5 bullseyes! Let me know if you beat me.

It’s now happy hour in Peterhead, so of course we headed to the Brew Toon Tasting Room! Now, I

must admit that Brew Toon beer has been my go-to pint for a while so I may be biased, but I was

very excited for this stop. We were greeted by the owner Shirley, who took us through all the

products, and then we got to sit back and relax while sampling some new flavours. You can be

sure to always find some of their Weekend Hooker lager in my fridge back home, so I wanted to

expand my horizons and try something new. I can confidently say that Cherry Crush is my new

favourite and will be putting in an order ASAP!

The best part about our visit was that we were able to connect with locals as the Tasting Room

slowly filled with thirsty customers. The casual and friendly atmosphere made us feel right at home

despite being first time visitors, and offered the experience and comfort we were looking for after

such a busy day.


You simply cannot visit a coastal town without tucking in to a fish supper, so for dinner we headed

to Zanres, a winner of the prestigious UK No 1 Fish & Chip shop award. Alongside the haddock, I

added on a chicken pie and of course a quintessential Irn Bru to wash it all down. When it comes

to a chipper, I’m a firm believer that you must throw caution to the wind and order everything your

heart desires, so that’s exactly what I did - and wow was it tasty!

Dinner and a movie is my ideal night, so seeing that The Arc Cinema was our last stop of the day

was a wonderful treat. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a cinema with such luxurious leather seats and

ample amount of legroom. If I didn’t have a big comfortable bed waiting for me at The Palace

Hotel, I could have easily fallen asleep in those big chairs. The Arc is definitely a step up from your

average cinema, and a great addition to Peterhead’s town centre.

Day 1 was jam packed with great local food and activities. Stay tuned for what Day 2 has in store!


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