Are you ready to be Bepuzzled?

Join us for a super family day out!

Take part in a globe-trotting voyage, solve a mystery and find the lost treasure.

Hidden around these parts are 20 steamtabulous vehicles to find. Simply scan the QR codes to collect digital stamps, learn the story and take selfies.

Families in Peterhead are invited to take part in this fantastic, free trail.

Start the trail by going to and finding the first vehicle.

To take part simply:

  1. Visit the website to see the trail map (

  2. Hunt down the vehicles

  3. Scan each of their unique QR codes with your smartphone, learn more of the story, solve the riddles and take a hilarious selfie.

  4. When you’ve found them all download your free e-book to learn the conclusion of the characters story.

Have fun!


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