Business Resilience and Incident Management

There no business that hasn't been impacted one way or another during the Corona Virus outbreak.

Rediscover Peterhead have found and linked to two resources that deal with incident management and business continuity and resilience that may help you and your business during this time.

A guide to Incident Management and Business Continuity for Small Businesses

This resource from the RISCauthority, an insurance industry-funded research body, provides businesses with the necessary tools to help them develop a basic incident management and business continuity plan. Incident management generally refers to the immediate handling of a disruption; business continuity to maintaining an acceptable level of service to customers.

Click here to read the guide.

Business Resilience. A Guide to Protecting Your Business and Its People

This document provides an introduction to ways in which management can adopt measures that will help a business survive the effects of a significant and potentially damaging event. This approach to business resilience delivers a framework on which a company can build, whatever its size and whatever the nature of its business.

Click here to read the guide.

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