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COP26 webinar series

Helping your business take action and make the most of COP26.

How to calculate your carbon footprint

There is a lot of talk about reducing your carbon footprint, but how can you do that if you don’t know what your existing footprint is? Join this session to learn how to calculate your carbon footprint and how you can use the information to make climate-friendly changes.

How to choose a green tariff

Many businesses are still reliant on electricity from the grid, so how can you be sure your energy is as green as it can be? What is a green tariff? And just how green is green? We will help you negotiate the mass of information.

How to demonstrate you are 'green'

Customers are becoming more eco-savvy and there is a growing number of consumers who look at green credentials before they buy. So, how do you make sure that everyone knows just how green your company is? We will show you some of the best ways to shout about your green-ness.

How to engage staff to save energy

Making changes within your business to become more energy efficient and reduce your carbon emissions is only half the battle. It’s important that your staff understand the reasons for the changes and get on-board. This session will provide you with ideas on how to engage your staff in your green journey.

Learn from other green businesses

If you are uncertain about what changes you’d like to implement and don’t really know where to start, hearing from businesses that have already invested in new technology or launched a staff green team could give you the inspiration you need.

Train to become a CPD-certified Green Champion

Join this training to find out about the changing resource landscape and the growing need to be resource efficient, before learning how to gather valuable data from around your organisation to help you plan improvement projects

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