COVID-19 update: Scotland's First Minister's speech

22 September 2020

I want to update the chamber on additional restrictions that the Scottish Government believes are now necessary to get COVID back under control as we enter winter. I will also set out why these measures are essential, and the principles and priorities that have guided our decisions.

First, though, let me provide a summary of today’s statistics. Since yesterday, an additional 383 cases of COVID have been confirmed. That represents 7.6% of people newly tested, and takes the total number of cases to 25,009. A total of 73 patients are currently in hospital with confirmed COVID, which is the same as yesterday. And 10 people are in intensive care which is two more than yesterday. I am also sorry to report that in the past 24 hours, one further death has been registered of a patient who had tested positive. The total number of deaths in Scotland under that measurement is now 2,506.

That reminds us