Digital Boost Development Grant

Are you looking to move your business online?

The DigitalBoost Development Grant is a fund of up to £10m, available to businesses from all sectors, across Scotland.

Applications open from Tuesday 12th of January 2021 and applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

For further details please click - DigitalBoost Development Grant website is the main source of information for this grant

Get the support your business needs to do more online.

· Funded by The Scottish Government

· The Grant will contribute 75% and clients will contribute 25% of total project costs

· Grants of up to £25K for VAT registered businesses, or £5K for non-VAT registered

· Quick and easy application process

· Funds paid directly into your bank account retrospectively

The will pay 75% of costs toward a digital project, including building a new website. Launched today with grants up to £25k.

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