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Find the elves!

Oh hi, I'm naughty.

Can you help track down 12 elves hiding in shops around Peterhead town centre this Christmas?

On Saturday (24 November) we will be hiding 12 elves in participating shops. They will be moved around each Saturday.

How about the naughty elf?! Cunningly disguised as the other 11, but has a 'N' for naughty on his hat. Looking very innocent here ... he is biding his time for Saturday to come, to create mischief on the town centre - as he enjoyed it so much last year!


1. Collect a list of possible elf locations and your stamp card from Robert Emslie Jeweller from Saturday 24 November

2. Find the elves and get your card stamped at each location

3. Post your completed card in the special elf box located at Robert Emslie's by 4 pm each Friday

4. The winning card will be drawn at 4.15 pm each Friday and the winner will receive a £25 voucher to spend in any participating store

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and contacted to be given their prize. Good luck!!

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