Fiver Fest (12-26 March 2022) - How your business can get involved

Because it has had such an impact in other towns, we have decided give it another chance, but it requires a number of you to get involved for it to work well! It can help our high street in a number of ways:

Challenges the 'everything is expensive' mentality.

People like to find new things. And they feel less intimidated if they know they can go and just spend £5 instead of worrying that everything will be really expensive in your shop. Lets therefore show them what they could buy for £5.

Makes people think about the benefits of spending that fiver locally and not online. "If every adult in Peterhead spent just £5 more per week in their local independent shop and businesses it would mean an extra £3.8 million per year going directly into our local economy. Which can lead to more jobs, a better high street, a stronger local economy, and a nicer place to live. Makes you think doesn't it!" Encourage new and old customers to return. This is also an opportunity for you to get people through the door who haven’t ever stepped foot in your shop, or who haven’t been for ages. Let us together, encourage more people to come into our stores.

Your offer

Remember, this IS NOT about just offering discounts! You can if you wish. This is about what do you have in your store that someone can buy for £5.


How to get involved

> Download your 'taking part' image and share your social channels > Download and display in your shop window your 'our offers are' poster > Download and post on your social channels 'our offers are' image > Let us know if you are taking part, so we highlight this

Download your shop window poster below >

Download PDF • 98KB

Use the image below 'we're taking part' for your social >

Use the image below 'our offer is' for your social >


If your feeling creative you could also: > Create a Fiver Fest window display > Create a funky a-board

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