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Invest in Peterhead

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Invest in Peterhead (IIP) highlights a range of exciting investment & development opportunities in Peterhead town centre.

IIP is a working group of stakeholders including, estate agents, business owners, investors, developers, architects, Rediscover Peterhead and Aberdeenshire Council. IIP aims to capture the opportunities, identify gaps and promote available properties, making investment in Peterhead a logical choice.

John Pascoe, chairman of Invest in Peterhead, said: “There is a renewed energy for the development of enterprise and commercial opportunities in Peterhead town centre.

“This is not only about changing the perception of the town and its retail heart, but also seeing it as a hub for wider economic opportunities in Aberdeenshire.

“A number of recent developments point to this vision and ambition being turned into reality, including more than £25 million of inward investment from good quality independents such as Brew Toon, The Printworks, Lettuce Eat Healthy and the new Arc Cinema and chains such as Aldi, Travelodge, Brew Dog – all recognising the potential in Peterhead with their investment in business premises.”

IIP Virtual Launch

IIP held a virtual online launch event on the 3rd of December 2020, welcoming anyone to attend, particularly those looking to take the next step and scale up their business. Or those running an existing business and looking for their next opportunity.

The event showcased what the successful Peterhead economy has to offer the investor and entrepreneur. Its guest speakers shared their recent investments in Peterhead, and detailed why Peterhead should be considered as an investment location. Economic development and planning professionals attended and spoke at the event. Insight was shared into support, financial and professional, that is available to new investment.

Watch the series of clips taken from the launch event below:

Part 1 – John Pascoe opens IIP launch event

Part 2 – Leslie Forsyth gives an introduction to IIP

Part 3 – Peterhead Introduction

Part 5 – Arc Cinema Peterhead

Part 6 – Brian Gilligan of Melcorpo shares his investment story

Part 7 – Fred Bowden of Brew Toon shares his investment story

Part 8 – Paul Haggath discusses the Symposium business story

Part 9 – Q&A with Property Owner Alan Gardiner

Part 10 – Q&A with Property Owner Ian Devenish

Part 11 – Lucy Style's Property Ghost Planning Overview

Part 12 – Suzanne Robertson on support available to businesses

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