New Town Centre Business Directory

Updated: Jun 21

There is a new online Peterhead Business Directory providing contact details for all businesses in the heart of Peterhead town centre. Developed by Rediscover Peterhead it welcomes residents and visitors alike to rediscover places to stay, shop, eat and drink, and relax. It also lists the professional, legal, and financial services within the town centre.

Users can search through a list of 18 category types to filter their search, such as butcher and baker, entertainment, fashion retailer, trades etc. Information on town centre public car parking can also be found within the map.

Each business listing within the directory provides a brief description of the business, alongside their key contact details: telephone number, email, and address. Handy links have been provided to the website and social channels for each business.

How can I view the directory?

The directory is located within the Rediscover Peterhead website. Access via the navigation bar at the top of this website, or by clicking the following link:

With around 200 businesses in the heart of Peterhead town centre, view the business directory today and see which ones you are yet to discover.

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