New Year’s Day Trading for Large Retailers

The Scottish Government have released the following article:


The Scottish Government are consulting with employees and retail businesses on whether the law should be changed to close large retail businesses on New Year’s Day. A large shop is defined as one with a relevant floor area over 280 square metres (for comparison purposes a tennis court is 260 square metres). The relevant area is defined as the area being used for making retail sales or displaying goods in connection with such sales and which is available to the public. The definition of “retail sale” makes clear that it is opening for the purpose of retailing goods to the general public.

Why The Scottish Government are consulting

The Christmas Day and New Year's Day Trading (Scotland) Act 2007 makes it possible for the law that closes large retailers on Christmas Day to also apply to New Year’s Day. The Scottish Government agreed to hold a consultation on whether to enact this legislation.

Read the consultation paper.

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