Why you should check your energy contract during lockdown

BID levy paying businesses in Peterhead have access to the services of Eyebright, who have enabled several local businesses to save money on their utility costs.

The company have released a presentation that highlight sCOVID1-9 support measures and potential supplies and overhead exposures that businesses could face during lockdown.

Eyebright has identified that 'Take or Pay' clauses may be becoming an issue. These are inserted into the terms and conditions of energy contracts, and mean that businesses may be liable if they drop below 80% of the agreed usage in their supply contract. Eyebright is working with suppliers to have these clauses renegotiated or removed to minimise business owners exposure.

This may or may not apply to your business. Even if it does not, it is worth checking out Eyebright’s services – if you have not already done so.

To view the full presentation, click here

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