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Public Art for Peterhead Town Centre - Call out for Artists

Updated: May 27, 2022

Artists who live in Peterhead and further afield are invited by Rediscover Peterhead to apply to create public art in the form of wall and door murals.

The project aims to site several murals across Peterhead town centre, to make the townscape more interesting and beautiful for locals and visitors.


To apply, please submit the following to

• An A4 sketch of the proposed artwork

• A written description of the proposed artwork (no more than 500 words)

• Up to 3 images of previous artworks of a similar or relevant nature

The artwork must relate both to Peterhead and promote environmental awareness.

There are no set criteria for the medium used. However, artwork must have longevity as it is intended to be a permanent fixture.

We will be offering a flat fee of £300 per mural. This is inclusive of any expenses such as travel and materials.

Application deadline is open ended, but Rediscover Peterhead encourage you to get in touch ASAP.

It is hoped artworks will be created over the next two months, with the flexibility to extend the project when new sites become available.

Organiser Rediscover Peterhead are currently identifying suitable sites. There will be a mixture of wall and door spaces.

Further details will be supplied on application.

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