Revised Local Development Plan Proposed

Updated: May 26, 2020


The revised Local Development plan has now been published for a consultation period of 8 weeks. You can find out more by visiting this post.


In light of recent events, Aberdeenshire Council is proposing to publish a revised Local Development Plan 2020 with an eight week consultation period beginning 25th May 2020.

Below is the correspondence from Aberdeenshire Council

Dear Sir/Madam,

Proposed Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2020

Consultation Period

The Proposed Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan (LDP) was agreed by Aberdeenshire Council on 5 March 2020. Formal consultation on the Proposed LDP had been expected to commence on 27 April 2020 for a period of 8 weeks. However, due to ongoing government restrictions associated with Covid-19, unfortunately, it was not possible for the consultation to begin on that date, as previously agreed.

In light of emergency legislation, the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 passed in early April 2020 and guidance from the Chief Planner, we consider it appropriate to publish a revised Development Plan Scheme 2020 with a new participation statement outlining the engagement to be undertaken associated with the Proposed LDP. We will seek approval of a revised DPS from the Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee (ISC) on 14 May 2020.

We now propose to formally commence an 8-week consultation period on 25 May 2020, ending on 17 July 2020. During the consultation we will engage with stakeholders, including Community Councils, by electronic means such as a ‘virtual drop-in’. Additional resource material will be placed on the Council’s website to aid understanding of the Proposed LDP and explain how representations can be made. Please note we will not be accepting any representations (i.e. responses) until the consultation period commences.

Additional e-newsletter updates will be published in the lead up to and during the consultation period, with social media platforms being used to widely publicise the Proposed LDP. Three short films have also been produced on the Plan-making process and will be available to view on the Council’s YouTube channel.

Whilst it is recognised that engagement will be impacted through the lack of provision of physical documents and face to face communication throughout the consultation period which will not suit everyone, it is hoped that this pragmatic approach will reach as wide an audience as possible in the circumstances.

In keeping with the initial Development Plan Scheme, we will notify all neighbouring properties to proposed development sites and views will be sought on the proposals.

Similarly, all those who made comments on the Main Issues Report will be contacted

and invited to examine the outcomes of the council’s deliberations on the issues identified during the Main Issues Report stage.

We would also take this opportunity to highlight that the Proposed LDP forms the settled view of Aberdeenshire Council on what the final adopted content of the LDP 2021 should be and as such is deemed to be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. As the Proposed LDP is yet to be subject to public scrutiny and subsequent Examination by an independent Reporter, it is considered that the level of weight that should be applied to the Proposed LDP is not significant. The Aberdeenshire LDP 2017 remains the up to date LDP for the area and the primary document against which planning applications should be determined until such time as a new LDP for the area is adopted.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Policy Team if you have any queries.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Macari

Head of Planning and Environment Service

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