Road Closures and Restrictions during PSF19

When visiting and heading into Peterhead town centre for the 2019 Peterhead Seafood Festival, please be aware that there will be a number of road closures and restrictions from Friday evening through to Saturday night as the festival closes.

The road closures will be across two areas - the black area will be closed from 6pm on Friday 13th through to 9pm on saturday. Red Area road closures and restrictions are from 6am on Saturday until 9pm.

The road closures are necessary as we look to host the festival and provide a safe and enjoyable day. We are looking to minimise disruption as much as possible with the opening roads as quickly as we can once the festival closes.

Full Road Closure List:

  • Broad Street North and Chapel Street (Black Area) – Full Road Closure from 6pm Friday 13th to 9pm Saturday 14th

The following roads (Red Area) will be closed or restricted from 6am to 9pm Saturday 14th September

  • Queen Street

  • Back Gate

  • Back Street

  • Prince Street (South of Car Park)

  • Thistle Street

  • Marischal Street

  • Errol Street

  • Love Lane (Errol Street Closure)

  • Broad Street (South)

  • Rose Street (Due to Broad Street Closure)

  • Longate (Junction of Broad Street).

Map detailing the road closures during Peterhead Seafood Festival 2019
Road Closures for Peterhead Seafood Festival 2019

We wish to thank everyone for their patience in advance as we host the festival which looks to attract up to 4,000 visitors on the day.

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