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Scotland Loves Local - Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire Council has secured external funding from the Scottish Government via the Scotland’s Towns Partnership ‘Scotland Loves Local Fund’ to support Aberdeenshire town centres.

VisitAberdeenshire has been commissioned to deliver the first element of this project which will promote Aberdeenshire to residents and visitors for shopping local, day trips and mini breaks. The project will be targeted to local residents to encourage them to stay local when shopping, eating, or buying online and will upskill businesses to create, develop and maximise an online presence.

In order to assess business readiness for this approach, an audit is underway to understand the training and support town centre businesses and town centre groups require to enable them to maximise the benefits of the Aberdeenshire Wide Campaign.

A website has been created which provides more information about the project and which will allow you to opt-in to take the survey. You can access the local business survey at

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