Street cleaning to commence this week

A call to action for business owners in Queen St, Marishal St and Chapel St.

We are delighted to inform you that prior to the Peterhead Seafood Festival 2018, taking place on Saturday 29th September, phase-one of the Clean-up Peterhead initiative will be carried out. This will involve the deep cleaning of Queen Street, Marischal Street and Chapel Street. The company carrying out the works will be First Choice Cleaning Services (FCCS.)

There will be minimal disruption to your business, as the cleaning will be carried out overnight across two nights commencing this Thursday 20th September. The second phase of works - cleaning the remaining town centre BID area will take place on 8th October (reminders will be sent prior.)

FCCS will be cleaning the streets with an advanced machine that will remove chewing gum, stains and other debris and mess. They will also be able to remove any green growth up to three metres on the outside of properties. After the cleaning has been carried out, FCCS will then ensure all shop/business fronts will be cleaned as well.

The second phase of the Clean-up project will include gutter repair work and installation of spikes for any areas that we were unable to reach during the seagull nest/egg removal project.

If your business is located on Queen Street, Marischal Street or Chapel Street, and you DO NOT wish for any removal of green growth/repair work to drains or gutters, please advise Rediscover Peterhead on by Wednesday 19th September.

As always, we thank YOU and Aberdeenshire Council for your support in this project - and look forward to seeing you on the clean streets!

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