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Sustainable Food Tourism Workshops

People want to experience food and drink at source more than ever before, creating an opportunity for you to tell your story and demonstrate your sustainability.

Opportunity North East has created four sustainable food tourism workshops as part of a fully-funded programme of practical support available for food and drink manufacturing businesses in north east Scotland to develop food tourism experiences with sustainability at its heart. There are practical checklists and resources that can be used in conjunction with the workshop videos below and there may be follow-on support available to fund your next sustainability steps. To receive the checklists and resources or to enquire about the further training and funding available, please contact Elizabeth Mathie (

The project is led and delivered by ONE and supported by the North East Economic Recovery and Skills Fund and Aberdeenshire Council. Green Tourism is the delivery contractor.

1. Creating a Sustainable Visitor Experience – Taking the First Steps

  • Why does sustainability matter – why go green?

  • What does a sustainable visitor experience look like? Examples/case studies

  • Where are you now? Establishing a baseline

  • Next steps - action planning for success

2. Customer Expectations and Communications

  • Changes in customer behaviour (travel trends, green recovery, food & drink)

  • Meeting customer expectations

  • Sharing your green story

  • Top tips

3. Identifying and Making Practical Changes

  • Our impact on the planet and what we can do

  • Low cost improvements

  • Resource efficiency case study

  • Food waste wins

4. Developing a Sustainability Strategy, Policy and Plan

  • Strategy/policy/plan – what do these mean?

  • Staff engagement

  • Supplier engagement

  • Top 10 tips

  • Certification

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