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New town centre app, keep the town in your pocket while you’re on-the-go.

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Rediscover Peterhead are working with the dscvr app to enhance your visit to Peterhead. Keep the town in your pocket while you’re on-the-go.

If you haven’t downloaded the dscvr app yet, you’re missing out! Here are the TOP 5 reasons to download dscvr:

1. Find everything you need to shop, eat and do in Peterhead

2. Keep your finger on the pulse of your community

3. Discover your local hidden gems

4. Support your local businesses by shopping small

5. Receive offers and events tailored to your taste

What is ‘dscvr’?

Dscvr (pronounced ‘discover’) is a new, free app dedicated to enhancing your experience of your local area. From local independent gems, to stunning architecture, dscvr showcases all that you can shop, eat and do across Peterhead. Whether you’re planning a visit or rediscovering your home town, dscvr is a handy addition to your day out.

Is the dscvr app easy to use?

YES! All content on dscvr is only a couple of taps away.

How does dscvr know what I want?

Upon signing up, the app will ask you to select your interests. This means the content you will receive will be relevant to your preferences.

Don’t worry if your tastes change! You can always go back and edit your preferences at any time to discover more.

Do I have to pay to use the app?

Not at all! The dscvr App is totally free to use!

I have a business in Peterhead, can I sign up?

We love hearing from businesses! If you run a business in the region and would like to find out if you’re eligible to be included on the app, please email

To find out more about the dscvr app, follow our social media channels:

Instagram: dscvrapp

Facebook: dscvrAppUK

Twitter: AppDscvr

LinkedIn: Dscvr App

And download the app today by clicking here or searching ‘dscvr’ in your app store!

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