Totally Local, Fiver Fest. 09th - 23rd October! Get involved!

Harness the Fiver Fest campaign, a national initiative to promote your business – it’s designed to be a shop window for your business and community so get involved! It’s all about getting locals through your doors to show them what you do & sell.


Who can take part:

Fiver Fest is strictly only for independent businesses (no large chains, franchises, MLMs, national charities etc).


What you need to do to take part:

Step 1: Think of what your special £5 offer or offers will be.

Step 2: Use the artwork provided below to let people know you are taking part, and to share your offer/s across social media.

Step 3: Print the poster, include your offers, and display in your shop window.

Announce your taking part in fiver fest

Download file, edit and post on social media >

Fiver Fest [social] - announce.jpg
Download ZIP • 235KB

Announce your £5 special offer (social)

Download file, edit and post on social media >

Fiver Fest [social] - our offer is.jpg
Download ZIP • 160KB

Announce your £5 special offer (print)

Download file, edit, print and display >

1. Our Five Pound Special Offer Is.jpg
Download ZIP • 947KB

Note: You can use apps like Canva to edit the image.


What a £5 offer is:

Offers should be something with a £5 spend to tie in with the £5 message, something discounted from a usual price of at least £7/8, but the bigger the discount the better!

Fiver Fest isn’t just for bricks and mortar businesses. Online-only and home and office-based businesses such as services, fitness, financial companies etc can also join in and if applicable offer introductory services to get new clients on board, or a £10 voucher for £5 etc. Make the offer for something brill, not just old stock you are trying to shift. There's lots more info on about how to run a Fiver Fest, what offers work etc.

What a £5 offer isn’t!

Fiver Fest works best when offers are a £5 spend to re-enforce your town’s £5 message. So please don’t use discounts e.g. £5 or 5% off. It’s all about getting great bargains for a fiver!



  • Encourage your local community to support your shop/high street, encourage and post feedback from shoppers.

  • Tag @RediscoverPeterhead into your social posts on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. We will then share your local £5 offers so an even wider audience will see them.

  • It would also be great if local businesses shared each other’s offers – locals love it when businesses recommend each other!

  • Be creative on social media – use images, videos, humour and personality in your posts to help more people see and engage with your Fiver Fest content. Post a lovely smiley picture of you with your offer poster and products that are included. If you’re camera-shy, post a photo of just your offer and/or poster, that’s fine too!

  • Always use the #fiverfest and #totallylocally hashtags when posting these online!


  • Post anything negative, rude or unkind about other businesses, high streets or the campaign. We know you wouldn’t, but we have to say it.

  • We’d also ask that you refrain from any offensive or inappropriate language or imagery when using #Fiverfest – just like your high street, keep it clean people.


Get Arty

Feel free to make your own arty interpretations of the Fiver Fest name for A-boards, noticeboards, windows and tag @RediscoverPeterhead on social media with your fab efforts. We would LOVE to see your creative and arty Fiver Fest display!

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