Win your money back by shopping local in Peterhead

This Christmas win your money back by shopping in Peterhead town centre!

1. Between Saturday 24 November and Saturday 22 December inclusive, when you make a purchase at a business in Peterhead town centre, ask the business to stamp a Shop Local card with their business stamp for every £10 spent

2. Keep the Shop Local card until you have filled all 10 spaces, add your name, address and phone number

3. Once you have filled your card post it into the Cornerstone letterbox at 28 Marischal street, Peterhead and your card will go into a prize draw for £100 the following week

Good luck!

(If you're a business and need more cards, please contact or pop into our offices on Marischal Street)

#shoplocal #rediscoverpeterheadthischristmas

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